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Aroma Oil

Plants living in nature are influenced by the daily environment.

Depending on the climate, environment and the year, the ingredients go through a discreet change.  

This fluctuation brings the positivity out of essential oils.


The antique bottles that contain the blend have a wide range of distortion where some cannot be used.  There are items where the glass is too thick limiting the amount of oil or distorted holes preventing to bottle up the product.  

Yet, I find beauty within the imperfection - all of these items remain as part of my collection.


The bottles are all slightly different in shape and the color and may not be the same as the image yet it is my notion for these bottles to be used with great care. 

We also offer refills if the bottles are returned.

These refilled bottles may be returned as a different bottle but the same can be used at ones’ request.

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Aroma Cream

The components of essential oils vary widely depending on the plant.

Some are complicated and there are traces of unknown components.

There is abundance in the unknown world.


There are joy in understanding the unknown but I find beauty within the potential of the unknown.

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I stopped by Fragonard Perfume Museum when I visited Paris.

In the old days, all perfumes were made from natural plants as opposed to artificial fragrances.  My daughter became interested in perfume and requested me to make perfume with essential oil.  This became one of the trigger to start making prefumes.


I believe that perfumes, herbs and food are all benefits from plants.

I feel a warm appreciation towards the numerous researches that underwent during the unknown period which connects us to today.


The scent is neither strong or long lasting since they are all natural essential oils, but the oil is for yourself so there is no need to have a strong scent.

The scent is made to use solely for yourself.

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Of the 5 senses, only the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain.

Before thinking, everything comes straight into the heart.


This is the reason why scents do not require words.

It raises your mood and instantaneously shift consciousness of all negativity.


I made a mist with a scent that my mother liked while she was hospitalized - a mist blended with 5 types of essential oils.  My mother was very fond of this and she used it daily in her room.  She was happy that nurses stopped by to ask about the scent.


My mother used this scent frequently after she was discharged from hospital and I made many bottles from the same scent.


Favorite scent for each person differs and it brings joy.

It would be my utmost joy if people can meet their favorite scent.

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No one can never get tired of watching flames.

It has a mysterious charm.

The flow created by nature leaves people speechless.

The flame of candle will heal the soul when the fire is lit and scent can be enjoyed when the candle is not lit.

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Personal blend

The typical blend most people selects is a blend of scents that are easily liked.


Personal blend is a scent made just for yourself.

We create a scent just for one to wear by mixing various scents that may not be necessary or encountered.

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Sample Set

The honest heart allows one to feel the scent


This is the reason why it is hard to articulate a scent.

The scent transmitted by words and sensation differs - how it is felt also differs by one.


I made a set of aroma oil scents since I wanted one to directly smell the blend.


My intention is to throw away the preconceptions of the name of the essential oil in order to feel the scent with your own senses.


Wooden Box

Trees and plants as well as essential oils and plants are used

thinking that it could enrich one’s life yet it is the plant itself that has the strength to heal.

Do plants feel the compatibility in and out?


























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