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About ordering and delivery

I haven’t received a reply email but have my order been placed?

When you order is complete an automatic reply email will be sent to the registered email address.  If you do not receive this email, the following may be the potential issues:-


If you do not receive the reply email, it is possible that you entered the wrong e-mail address during your order.

If you also register your mobile phone email address, you may not receive the email due to security settings.

Please set the domain as specified to receive emails from

*If you are using free email accounts such as “hotmail", “yahoo”, “goo”, “gmail”, the automatic reply e-mail could be considered as a junk mail.  Please reconfirm your junk mail folder.


In the problem persists, please contact us under “contact”.

I want to change the registered contents

If you would like to change your e-mail address, delivery address, etc., immediately after placing order, please be sure to inform us by using the inquiry form with your order number prior to shipping.

In addition, the confirmed order and membership registration information are not linked.  If you change your membership information after placing order, please be sure to inform us.  

I want to change my order

Sorry, change of your order cannot be accepted.

Please order carefully.

Is credit card payment safe?

The card cannot be misused even if the details of the credit card is stolen since the security code received when making a credit card payment cannot be confirmed by a third party.  

Please advise about delivery fees

Cash on delivery fee

~9,999JPY  330JPY (tax included)

10,00~29,999JPY  440JPY (tax included)

Cash only for payment for cash on delivery.

Please advise the products that support the Letter Pack Light

Up to 3 aroma oils

2 sets available for the sample set

Please advise on the delivery lead time

It will vary depending on congestion during time of order, products and delivery address. 

We will inform you of the detailed delivery date by via email.

Can you issue a receipt?

Following are receipts:-


Payment by cash on delivery

For delivery via Sagawa Express:  The cash on delivery receipt issued by the delivery company which is attached to the invoice slip 

*This is a formal receipt under the accounting regulations approved by the tax office.


Payment by credit card or Pay pal

The statement issue by the credit card company will be the receipt


Payment by bank transfer

The transfer statement of the financial institution will be the receipt.

Under tax law, financial institution transfer statements (usage statements, etc.) are accepted as receipts.


If you need a receipt other than the above, please indicate in the remarks columns upon order.

I would like to request for oversea shipping

We do not basically accept oversea shipments yet please try contacting us from the inquiry.


When you receive the product please immediately check that it is the same as your order.


Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges or cancellations due to customer’s convenience.  We make every effort to ensure the quality of the product, but if the product is damaged or if a produce is different from the order, we will take responsibility and the return the payment within 8 days from the date of arrival of the product.


Please be sure to state the reason for the return within the due date and contact us from the inquiry.  

Please note that we will not be able to accept your request if you do not contact us in advance.

Please note that we will not be able to discuss refunds or returns after the 9th day from the date of arrival of the product.

About consumption tax

In addition to the price of product, you will be required to pay consumption tax and shipping charges.

“Consumption tax” 10% (rounded to the nearest yen)


Sagawa Express

Kanto/Tohoku/Chubu/Kinki : 660JPY (tax included)

Chugoku/Shikoku : 880JPY (tax included)

Hokkaido/Kyushu : 990JPY (tax included)

Okinawa : 1200JPY (tax included)

Free for purchases of 10,000JPY (tax and shipping not included) or more per delivery destination.  

If there are multiple delivery destinations, a separate shipping fee will be charged.

If the delivery address is a remote island, the customer will be charged additional regardless of the purchase price.  We will contact you only if additional charges are incurred.


About the product

How should I open the lid of aroma oil and fragrance?

When opening the lid, push it up with your thumb to crack the sealing wax that covers the lid.  

Sealing wax produces fine debris.

If you are concerned about getting on your hands, cover it with tissue when opening it.

Remove some area around the lid to prevent debris of the sealing wax from entering the oil before opening the lid.

The aroma oil has solidified

Jojoba oil which is used as a base includes contents which makes it solidify at around 10 Celsius degrees.  

Place it in a warm place or warm it by hand to return it to its original state.

There is no problem with the quality no matter how many times you repeat the above procedure. 

How should I store it?

The essential oils we use are not good with oxygen, light and high temperatures.

Avoid direct sunlight and eat and keep the lid closed in a cool shade as much as possible.

I feel that the scent is a little different from the product I bought before.

Since the essential oil is the source of the natural scent, there will be a slight change depending on the year of harvest and place of origin.

Like wine, it is not always consistent.  The scent may differ depending on your physical condition. 

If you still steel something is wrong, please contact us from the inquiry page.

Do you have a wrapping service?

Aroma oil, personal blended oil, aroma cream, candle with lid can be put in a wooden box (650JPY will be charged).  

For those who purchased the wooden box in the product column, we will ship it in a wooden box.


Even if the amount of aroma oil in the wooden box is 3 or less, it will be the shipping fee of a courier instead of the letter pack light.

About returning the bottle

The 5ml oil return bottle can be used as a 300JPY coupon for all products. 

The 10ml oil return bottle can be used as a 500JPY coupon with 10ml of oil, cream, fragrance, and personal blend.

The fragrance return bottle can be used as a 1,000JPY coupon for fragrance and personal blends.

The personal blend return bottle can be used as a 1,000JPY coupon for fragrance and personal blend.

*You can use one coupon for each product.

The coupon will be issued after the bottle is returned.

If you would like to return it, please contact us first.  

Please note that we cannot accept the bottle if it is damaged.

About past products

Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry.

I am not sure which fragrance to choose

Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry in case you do not know which fragrance to choose

In the problem persists, please contact us under “contact”.

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