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Fir and Pine have a courage and a higt tolerance enabling one to calm down and breath.

whereas Vetiver has the capacity of an unwavering vessel rooted in itself. It is not always liked by everyone but it gently blends deep into one who is deeply tired.

It has the power to relieve one`s soul.


Moist scent of coniferous trees


Organic jojoba oil is used for the base


Contents 5ml 2200 yen + tax


Please note that there is a slight difference in the amount depending on the shape of the antique bottle.


Can be delivered via letter packaging (maximum 3)

(370 yen)

* Cash on delivery cannot be handled by Letter Pack Light, so it will be shipped by courier.


Ingredients Jojoba oil Essential oil


Blended Essential Oil Balsam Fir Black Spruce Vetiver Cedar


Estimated Expiration Date

Approximately 2-3months after use

(Please keep in a cool place out of the light)


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