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Eucalyptus is reminiscent of clear air

It's in me

There is also an image that is associated with breathing.

It offers clear air and a quiet scent.

On the other hand,

Atlas cedar is a big tree so it has the capacity to embarance one warmly, deeply and for lomg in the soul.

A refreshing and calm scent that remains.


Grain alcohol and neroli water are used for the base


* It takes 2-3 weeks to make

* Because it uses natural essential oils

Also, it is not filtered to take in all the ingredients.

Therefore, it may be colored with starch, cloudiness, or the essential oil itself.

* The shape may change slightly from the photo depending on the type of volumetric flask.


Eau de toilette

Contents 50ml 8500 JPY + tax

Accessories Glass pipette


Ingredients Spirytus Neroli Water Essential Oil


Blend essential oil

Eucalyptus Radiata Laurel Atlas Cedrus Sandalwood Labdanum Ginger Patchouli Lavender Coriander Seed Cardamom


Please keep in a cool place out of the light


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