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When my child was still small

Ylang Ylang filleg the air in the bath.

She was not very fond fo the scent Ylang-Ylang yet the scent at that time was exceptional and I recollect her being healed.


When stress builds up, it helps for the scent to blend in with the air as it slowly and delicately disperses in the air.

There is a delicate attentiveness offering warmth as it heals one`s soul.



There are scents that one likes and do not on a daily basis yet

sometimes it's good to enjoy a different scent when one`s feeling is different from usual.


Sweet and warm scent


Grain alcohol and neroli water are used for the base


* It takes 2-3 weeks to make

* Because it uses natural essential oils

Also, it is not filtered to take in all the ingredients.

Therefore, it may be colored with starch, cloudiness, or the essential oil itself.

* The shape may change slightly from the photo depending on the type of volumetric flask.

Eau de toilette

Contents 50ml 8500 JPY + tax

Accessories Glass pipette


Ingredients Spirytus Neroli Water Essential Oil


Blend Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang, Geranium Bourbon, Thyme Linalool, Lavender, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Yuzu, Coriander Seed


Please keep in a cool place out of the light


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