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Citrus is not a fruit.

It has abundance and bitterness as it can be squeezed from the skin.

Among the many citrus fruit,

there is brightness and freedom

in grapefruit. Rather than calming one, the compatibility of Eucalyptus while it offers a different kind of exhilaration. The combination of both increases efficiency.


A sweet but refreshing scent.


Grain alcohol and purified water are used for the base


Contents 40ml 3000 yen + tax


Up to 3 mists will be delivered by compact flight (514-701 yen depending on the area).

* Cash on delivery will be a regular courier service as it cannot be handled by compact flights.


Ingredients Water Spirytus essential oil


Blend essential oil

Grapefruit Eucalyptus Radiata Palmarosa Lavender Geranium Bourbon


Please keep in a cool place out of the light

Room mist 045

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