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They is a story that Chamomile came from the word of the apple of the earth.

Romen Chamomile have flowers,leaves and delicacy when it is faintly fragranced but it also has the strength to survive with jusut one drop.

A faint scent.Best when it feels like an apple.


A calming scent with a gentles sweetness.


Grain alcohol and purified water are used as a base


Contents 40ml 3000 JPY + tax


Up to 3 mists will be delivered by compact flight (514-701 yen depending on the area).

* Cash on delivery is not available on compact flights, so it will be a regular courier service.


Ingredients Water, Spirytus, Essential Oil


Blend Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile, Cedar, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Palmarosa


Please keep in a cool place out of the light

Pillow mist 304

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