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This old confectionery mold that I encountered when making candles

Because it is metal, heat is easily transferred

Large surface area requires 3 cores

Because it is shallow, its life as a candle is not long

Rust and scratches that remain even though I have washed every corner


Still, it took a long time from a foreign country

I got here and turned on the light this time

I think it's good to think that it goes from person to person


Because this candle is a natural ingredient, the surface remains exposed

The scent will fly away little by little

If you do not use it for a while

If you wrap it in something that does not leak fragrance

The scent lasts a long time


Scent of spices and citrus in sweetness


Soy wax is used for the base


* Since no coagulant is used, the surface may be cracked or dented.


Contents about 35ml 3800 JPY + tax


Letter pack light (370 yen) compatible

* Cash on delivery cannot be handled by Letter Pack Light, so it will be shipped by courier.


Ingredients Soy wax essential oil


Blend essential oil

Ylang Ylang Benzoin Cinnamon Leaf Clove Lavender Super Sweet Orange Grapefruit Fennel

Candle 630

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