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This candle has 8 kinds of essential oils blended.

The flame heals one when the candle is lit. When no, scent can be enjoyed by removing the lid.

Enjoy the scent

Spices and citrus with scent of sweetness.


Soy wax is used for the base


There are some dents and scratches because it is an antique metal container.


* Since no coagulant is used, the surface may be cracked or dented.


Contents 80ml 5800 JPY + tax

Size Height 65mm Φ45mm

Although not shown in the photo, it will be labeled like the candle 630.


Ingredients Soy wax essential oil


Blend essential oil

Ylang Ylang Benzoin Cinnamon Leaf Clove Lavender Super Sweet Orange Grapefruit Fennel

630 with candle lid

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