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Of the more than 80 essential oils

We are making a blend of scents that closely matches the person's current state of mind and body.


Face-to-face: March 4th (Thursday) to 16th (Tuesday)

Other than face-to-face: March 17th (Wednesday) -31st (Wednesday)

Personal blending will be done four times a year for a limited time.

There are two ways to do this: face-to-face and by email or message.

If you apply, we will send you a consultation sheet by e-mail at a later date, so please fill it out and reply.

・ For face-to-face people, based on the consultation sheet and talk

Select the essential oil you need and try the scent directly.

The finished product will be shipped at a later date.

Time required: 90 to 120 minutes

Location: Kamakura Atelier (16 minutes by bus and 4 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station) You can also come by car.

Schedule: We are asking for your request in the morning (10: 10 ~) or afternoon (13: 40 ~) from 3/4 to 3/15.

* First of all, please apply from contact and make a reservation before purchasing.

At that time, please write until the third desired date and time.

We will discuss the schedule later according to your desired date.

We will inform you of the location details such as bus time at a later date.

・ For emails and messages, use the consultation sheet as a basis.

We will send you the first scent sample between March 17th and March 31st.

We will make a second sample and send it to you, referring to how you feel the scent of the sample.

It will take at least 2 weeks from application to delivery of the finished product.

Contents 30ml 13500 + tax Free shipping

Raw material Jojoba oil Essential oil

(Some people may use something other than jojoba oil.

Please contact us as you can change the base. )

Personal blend-first time

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